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BIM technology support for civil engineering and construction plant! Wspaceinfo Co., frontier of BIM technology.
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BIM is a technology ensuring integrated management of all information
from planning, design, construction, completion of construction project
and maintenance.
Wspaceinfo's ability to let customers experience virtual reality, in par-
ticular, allows for atypical virtual construction, environmental analysis,
exterior panel analysis, curtain wall analysis and error reporting.
Such function not only assists in making overall improvements but also
in addressing issues.
BIM application in majority of large construction projects is a must and
Wspaceinfo's sharp price competitiveness made BIM application more
accessible and affordable by small projects, too.
Count on Wspaceinfo's support to help you apply BIM including initial
training and road map development to customers' projects in the most
effective manner possible.
Building Information Modeling
Wspaceinfo leverages 3D design-based technological capability for
industrial applications and training.
Wspaceinfo developed a new technology delivering experience of physical environment by creating virtual space that looks just like the real space. Wspaceinfo does not stop there but goes further by running a program training such state-of-the-art technology.
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